Dhan Solo Quest


Lvl 10 Yhe Foolish Flee.  
Lvl 20
Lvl 30 Get 5 of the "Worm Musk Pounch.
Go to Hermit's Hideout (Or hideaway...i forget the exact name), in East.Bahran. Look around for boxes, and activate the boxes to get your puches....its a random quest, so might take a while...and it would help if your high enough to not aggro the mobs from a mile away .

Lvl 10 Wedge Blade Str + 4 - Melee Atack + 2% / Urchin Katar Agility +4 - Melee Atack +2%
Lvl 35 Monastery. kill elder amazons till you get elf tunic and elf tasset.
Lvl 40 Kill Demon Hezward. see solo quest for other races.
Lvl 45 The Prophecy of Helena. see solo quest for other races.
Lvl 50 The Order of the Assassin Society. find Celinon Nayar at Edoneh's Face.
The casket is located at D5 and D6 at the bindstone in Par'Talucca.
Lvl 52 Norberto's Box. see other races.
Lvl 55 The Place that Escaped Fate. Agnes. see other races
Lvl 60 First conversation in 50 Years. Jerop. See other races
Lvl 62 The Honorable Death. Check King or Queen of each major town.