Gathering Skill

Date Post: 04 September 2010 by Yuus 

So what is gathering skill do for player in game? And how can you make equipment with good status? This page will tell you how the gathering skills work. Gathering skill is only collect item that can combine it togather, but is can not make equipment. But with gathering skill player will has way thorugh to make and equipment with their own hand. Sound fun? But is hard to do so be pataint with this page description and follow step by step :)
Now I will introduce you guy to understand, how can we know what lvl gathering skill and what we gathering :)

So, every one press C, it will pop-up character info!! and click on Gathering button...
Now, you will see information about gathering skill? say "YES" to me!
Notice: this picture is my character info, so I do Gem Collecting Skill

Type: is gathering skill you do.
Grade: is level of gathering skill, they have 5 grade from low - high E > D > C > B > A.
Skill Level: is level of your skill to collecting skill, 1-50 is for grade E, 51-100 is grade D, and...

As you can see now, frist we need to know what we want to do right? It is time to design what you would like to learn :) How defferent in those skill? Yes, there are defferent skill

Mineral can make armor or weapon production skill
Gem make accesserrie
production skill
And Plant make magic
production skill

Ahh, I forgot to tell every one before we collect item we need equipment for wear, if  not we cannot collect anything! so dont forget!! This is recommend to wear...

Increases the area where resources will show on radar.
Tools, A higher chance to increase skill level.
Gloves, Reduces the collection time when gathering resources.
Chest, Increases the amount of resources obtained when gathering.
Boots, Increases the chance of getting rare or special resources.

Donot worry about those equipment, we can buy from Link in craft studio. Click the link below to choose your way to go through the gathering skill.