Quest Start Grade E Gem Collecting 

1. Player go to craft studio.
Notice: select the second line.
2. Talk with Colek and choose "I want to learn how to gather gem." Then Colek will ask player to collect 10 piece of Novice Gem(s)
Notice: player can find this Novice Gem(s) in Odd Gem Stone, outside any town where player first start a game.
3. When player finish collecting Novice Gam(s) and go back to talk with Colek again.
4. Now, player can collecting gem :) Congrat!!!
Notice: Picture under is showing gem respawn in Einhorin Town(Human Town)
Cat's Eye Gem.
Green Mano Gem.
Spinel Gem.
Aquamarine Gem.
Topaz Gem.

Picture Credit:
@ Einhorin Town

Quest Grade D Gem Collecting

1. Player must collecting gem until skilllvl 50 with 99%
Notice: Press c and Gathering buttom you will see detail.

2. When reach 99%, go to talk with Colek, Colek will give new quest to player.

3. With this quest player must collecting 20 gems of each.

Grade E Cat's Eye 20 each
Grade E Green Mano 20 each
Grade E Spinel 20 each
Grade E Topaz 20 each
Grade E Aquamarine 20 each

4. When player done collecting, go to talk with Colek again, and now player can collect grade D gem.

Notice: Sorry this quest, I did not take any photo :(

Quest Grade C Gem Collecting

1. When player collecting gem to Grade D with 99% experiance go to talk with Laine, she is located at Black Dragon Santury place.
2. Laine with ask player to obtain Laine's Tool. After that, going back to craft studio to talk with Kacie and recived [1] Laine's collection Equipment [Gem Collection lvl. 125]
3. After recived quest, player go back to Black Dragon Santury to find Laine's Tool, but this time player must go deeper to find gold chest.
4. When player obtain Laine's Tool, go back to talk with Laine again, and her will happy. Also, player will gathering gem grade C lvl 126.

Pass C to B


Pass B to A