Welcome to OpusDei

Established on 7 - 30 - 2010

We are group of friend who are trying to help beginner player get start in Rohan. We are locate at Ohn (Torian) server.
Our guild master his name is Andrufus. Also, we have two commanders they are Luluch and Yuus.

Guild Rules
  • No Kill Steal (KS)
  • No Player Killer (PK)
  • Please be helpful to others
  • Don't recruit random people
  • Don't become a Player Killer Killer (PKK) unless 7x
  • Don't beg for money but ask for help
  • Be nice and have fun ^^v
  • For more info please ask Andrufus

Buff for Event

OpusDei launch buff every Friday on 7:40 pm.

credit picture: http://www.playrohan.com/DownLoad/Wallpapers.html